Broccoli, Rolling Over, and the Ottaroo

Asa Henry

You are rolling over from your back to your tummy. It wakes you up, but I’m letting you work through it ­čÖé

Last week you tasted your first food – broccoli. You grabbed it with excitement like you’ve been waiting since the day your were born to be a big boy and eat food like the rest of the family. You sucked on it for a while and a few bits went down the hatch. You have also tried carrots, and green beans.

You love the water! You splash around and the second┬átime you laughed you were taking a bath with your sister. You looked right at her and cracked up. So i saw this floaty thing on TV and had to get you one. We’ve tried it in the tub and so far you are a fan! Cant wait to take you in the pool with it.

You are my smily happy boy!